The intention to invest in TV advertising often raises many questions.

Small to medium-sized companies that have not yet had any contact with it often ask themselves whether it is worth investing in TV advertising at all, even with small budgets. We would like to answer these and other important questions on these pages and thus provide a little guidance on the “world of advertising”.

How much does TV advertising cost?

The costs for TV advertising vary greatly. That's why we can't give you all-inclusive costs - even for advertising at Das Erste. Basically there are significant factors that affect the cost of TV advertising in general. For further information have a look into the download. Alternatively take a look at our rate calculator.

Step by Step – from idea to broadcsting

Important steps to execute your communication goals by using TV advertising.

Discount possibilities/agency commission

Of course we can offer you a discount based on your investment.

If your spots are booked via a media agency, we can offer an additional discount of 15% (agency commission). If you don't have an agency yet, you can get more information on the website of OMG (Association of Media Agencies in Germany). https://www.omg-mediaagenturen.de/home/

Advertising possibilities for smaller budgets

Small and medium-sized businesses may think that a TV campaign is not affordable or cannot be done with smaller budgets, or that it might not be worth it.

What are the costs of a TV commercial?

The answer to this question is rather simple - and again not, because the costs of producing a spot depends on several factors.

How many contacts can I achieve with TV advertising?

Our media service builds media plans for your planned campaign, creates target group analyses and advises you on all aspects of an ideal campaign concept. We use specialized software tools to compare and optimize plans, in short: we do "fine-tune" your campaigns towards maximum reach, profitability or the ideal contact dose. Contact us - we'll be happy to support you in all matters of media planning.

Building target groups / target group analysis

Defining the company- or product-specific target group is essential for a reasonable advertising campaign. However, there are different approaches to specify or to define these.

The most important media key figures at a glance

The technical jargon of the advertising market is not always self-explanatory. That's why we would like to briefly name and explain the most important buzzwords or key figures here.