Why to choose Das Erste

There are plenty of reasons for TV advertising. Television is not only the most widely used medium by the German population, it is also the undisputed number one in the advertising market. But the choice of TV channel also plays a decisive role in the success of your advertising campaign. Here we will show you some arguments why you simply cannot leave out Das Erste when planning your campaign. 

Upscale target groups watch Das Erste

Viewers of Das Erste are not only more consumer-oriented but also more brand-conscious and have a 10 to 15% higher personal net income than viewers of private TV channels. The range of upscale target groups combined with the increased acceptance of viewers offers an audience that you really should not miss.
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Viewers at Das Erste are more receptive

In a qualitative basic study, the condition of the TV viewers when watching the evening program (including embedded advertising) was examined by the Concept M institute. Among other things, it was investigated which different modes of reception prevail when watching TV advertisements and which programs these are to be assigned primarily to. The extremely interesting results show that viewers of Das Erste are more receptive than viewers of private TV channels because they receive advertising predominantly in an actively involved advertising reception condition.
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Exclusive audience at Das Erste

28% of the viewers at pre-prime can only be reached exclusive at Das Erste.
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Das Erste offers predictable, stable coverage

With its balanced mix of information, fictional entertainment and interesting documentaries, Das Erste has been offering a reliable planning factor in the afternoon between 2 and 6 p.m. for years. In particular, the target group of household managers can be reached with an average market share of 12.5%. The pre-prime continues to “shine” as a reliable planning factor with its quiz formats on the 6 p.m. broadcasting slot and the weeklies airing afterwards. Das Erste with its pre-prime is a real planning factor across all target groups.
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Higher program quality – higher ad quality

The current TV trend proves once again that the high level of credibility, program quality and news competence have a positive effect on the perception of advertising at Das Erste. For example, 74% of the respondents say that brands that advertise in the quarter to eight before “Tagesschau” news broadcast benefit from it.
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More effective campaigns with ads on Das Erste

Investing in TV advertising is worth it! On the monetary level, the medium of television provides the advertising market with an unbeatable advantage....
Reach beats average contacts. Since 2007, ARD MEDIA has been using the instrument ARD MEDIA TV-Tracking to monitor the impact of television campaigns. In an analysis we carried out, the results of 127 tracking studies from 2007 to 2019 were aggregated in order to examine the relationship between advertising pressure and campaign success....
Pre-prime and Das Erste. In the time before 8 p.m. most viewers are reached with advertising, which makes the pre-prime an indispensable basis for planning....
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