Forms of advertising

In addition to the shortest advertising blocks in the German TV advertising market, ARD Media offers you a range of exclusive special forms of advertising that ensures target-group-oriented and program-related communication. Our special creations offer alternatives for individually designed advertising formats.

Best Minutes

The Best Minutes shortly before the Tagesschau offer demanding target groups a first-class environment and thus exactly the right advertising space for your successful advertising presence. Highest credibility, outright competence and unrestricted seriousness are the guarantors of the undisputed success of Tagesschau. Let the charisma of Tagesschau shine on your brand.

Best Seconds

The last few seconds before the Tagesschau are running, the news programme with the highest reach on German television. Here you have the opportunity to place your brand message exclusively and extremely prominent in front of this quality product at Das Erste. Use the seriousness, competence and positive charisma of Tagesschau for your brand! 


Single Spot

Very exclusive: The single spot at Das Erste gives your product a unique position and therefore maximum advertising impact. Placed in the immediate vicinity of quality environments, your brand benefits from the prominent unique position and optimal target group approach.

Countdown split

There are two Countdown splits availabe in our portfolio from Monday to Friday: The first one just before “Brisant Prominent” starts. On Brisant Prominent everything revolvs around the latest news from the world of celebrities: The focus here is on stars and starlets as well as royalty. And the second one is right before our successful quiz format like Wer weiß denn sowas? starts at 6 p.m. You have the opportunity to draw attention to your brand message in the last few seconds before the start of these two programs with the countdown split. The integrated counter shows the viewer exactly in how many seconds the program will start. And your brand is completely in focus during this time.

Program split

"Just in between" and yet attracting attention is not possible? Sure it is – with the program split at our weeklies. By interrupting the program for your spot in split screen format with the integrated counter, this split leaves almost no chance for zapping! This makes it to one of the most eye-catching forms of advertising at Das Erste.

Credits split

Advertise attention-grabbing in the context of our daily quiz format, as the “crowning glory” after the resolution of the case in our crime weeklies or at the end of our emotional and popular entertainment weekly Die jungen Ärzte on Thursdays. Place your brand close to the action between the end of the program and the preview of the next episode, while the end credits are running in the frame on the left.

Splitscreens in the periphery of German football league

Advertise within the lighthouse of German sports broadcasting, the Sportschau. And to get even more attention, why don’t you use one of our split screen formats here? Whether the countdown split screen at the beginning of Sportschau, or the table split screen at the end of the broadcast – there’s much to discover here.


Program sponsorship is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness and building a brand image. Advantages include the high absolute reach due to being very close to the program, high acceptance by the viewer and the image transfer of the program brands. For the appearance as a sponsor at Das Erste, a high quality portfolio is available which includes, among other things, high-reach telenovelas such as Sturm der Liebe, popular crime weeklies such as Großstadtrevier, entertainment weeklies such as Die jungen Ärzte, stock market news, knowledge formats and weather information shortly before the news, sports broadcasts, quiz formats and many more.